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Divorce & Separation

If you're going through a divorce or separation, our expert lawyers can help you through the process of reaching a separation agreement.

The breakup of a marriage, de facto relationship or civil union can be a very difficult time for those involved. Getting a divorce or separating from your partner often raises many other issues, such as child custody and access, child support and maintenance, and the division of property.

If you do decide to divorce or separate, our lawyers can explain your rights and obligations, assess your options, and assist you to negotiate and settle without going to court. We can also act for you in court proceedings if that becomes necessary.

The divorce process in NZ

If you have divorced or separated, once you have lived apart for two years, you can apply to a Family Court for an order of dissolution (divorce). If you would like to know more about how to get a divorce, talk to a specialist divorce lawyer today.

You can read more about how to go about getting a dissolution of marriage or divorce in New Zealand in this article by Stuart Henderson – one of the founding partners of Henderson Reeves lawyers, and an expert in dispute resolution.