Smart Move Conveyancing

Buying, selling or refinancing in Auckland or Northland? Call Smart Move Conveyancing for affordable, hassle-free, fixed price conveyancing services.

When should you use Smart Move?

Smart Move provides fixed price conveyancing services for the sale, purchase, mortgaging or refinancing of residential property, where the agreement is signed, with clear workable conditions, has a current title and no additional complications.

What if things get complicated?

There are many variables in every property transaction, and sometimes complications do occur. In that case, you’ll have the backup of the experienced Henderson Reeves property law team, as well as other specialist legal services as required. We’ll always be up-front with you about the additional cost of any specialist work required in the case of more complex property transactions.

Smart Move Conveyancing Prices

Inclusive of GST and registration charges, from 1 July 2019


without mortgage $1,200
with one mortgage $1,450


without mortgage discharge $1,000
with mortgage discharge $1,250


one discharge and one new mortgage $950

Extra Fees

Kiwisaver applications $100
Homestart grant applications $100
Client overseas $150
Company involved $200
Guarantees $250
Unit title (sale/purchase) $250
Travel charge $150

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